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Creative strategy for youth driven social change



Lead UX Writer

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UX Writing, Creative Strategy, Design System



Miro, Figma, Trello, Notion, Testapic, Google Workspace



French, English

Le context

Fridays for Future, Extinction Rebellion's actions and online mobilisation clearly show: young people want to act, and they won't wait any further. They want to take action together, find allies that share beliefs and, above all, be involved in societal decision-making. A study published by the Edelman agency in 2019 found that 80% of under-25s are not satisfied with the system, 72% feel a strong sense of injustice, 77% think that politicians have failed them and 74% are calling for radical change.

A dual problematic

How can we help young people lead a global movement of influence and support each other in local actions when their demands and expectations are not addressed by public actors, leading to a feeling of illegitimacy? 

Le brief is a civic platform for young people involved in non-profits and grassroots movements or who want to take action.'s product team reached out in 2021 to help them with UX Writing. I was more than happy to accept, as the project as the project covers subjects that I have been interested in for several years: 5 major causes based on the Sustainable Development Goals, a vision linking local and global aspects, and the will to support young people in their actions as citizens.

My role: as the first UX writer on the app, I developed content guidelines, defined the product's voice and wrote UI content.

​"I was lucky to work with Camille on She worked with us from setting the vision to creating micro-copy [and] helped with user testing.
I strongly recommend Camille, her empathy and ability to reflect make her an excellent content designer."

Mathieu de Rossi Chief Design Officer,

What I've done for 🧰


Content guidelines

finding common ground

Screenshot 2022-03-14 at 09.50.05.png
Content Guidelines

During the onboarding process, users have the opportunity to select one or more major causes linked to climate and social issues. These causes help offer personalised content to each member.

The texts of these tooltips serve a triple purpose. They should provide information about the causes, convey bold character and create complicity through pop culture references.


Onboarding flow

setting the tone and mobilising around major causes


Majority judgement

co-creating a new set

of values

Card Decision.png
Card Decision.png
Vote.png has a collective decision-making system based on a simple and innovative voting method developed by two French researchers at the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS): the majority judgment

Each person involved in the vote evaluates suggestions based on a given set of grades or values. The suggestion judged best by the greatest number is retained and the other suggestions are ranked in order of preference.

The set proposed on the app is adapted from the one developed by Rida Laraki and Michel Balinski (Excellent, Very good, Good, Fair, Insufficient, Reject). I have proposed several versions, adjusted after user testing with young people aged 18 to 35.

Jugement majoritaire

The concept behind the landing page is a collaborative effort between CPO, UX Designer, UI Designer, UX Writer and developers.

The first screens are displayed in the style of a command terminal before inviting users to view the manifesto or to learn more about the causes supported by the community.

Landing page

a new common narrative

Landing Page

UI copy

the right tone at the right moment

EN_01_Liste Loop.png

The tone used on a product interface should reflect the experience of the person behind the screen.


The voice of a product can be imagined evolving on a spectrum of tonality, allowing to find the right tone between two values. Example for

authentic ← → enthusiastic.

Contenus interface
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