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I'm Camille, a full-stack content designer and UX Writer.
I love finding the right words to give voice - and life - to your productMy partners are people-focused startups, institutions and NGOs committed to building a fairer future and agencies.
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Housing stories - journalism plusplus
I have also worked with:

Clue by BioWink

Clue, is the essential free period tracking tool for people with cycles. It's the app that helps you plan your cycle, track your pregnancy and better understand your body.

14 Septembre

14 September is the agency of the beautiful, the good and the well. It focuses on craftsmanship in design, architecture, culinary arts and hospitality for a more human communication - but just as effective.


J++ is an international team of data journalism specialists. The team integrates experts in research, data analysis, data-driven storytelling, newsroom programming and full-stack design. J++ coordinated investigations like The Migrant Files and Housing Stories.


The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) fast-tracks the dissemination of good practices in adult learning and education, literacy and non-formal education among its 193 member states.

And..., Lingoda, World Future Council, Les Ateliers de Cergy...

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